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Our  newest P.F.N. Jim Berlier  , far left            Junior Navigator Leo Tamondong & Becky


Champagne, & Homemade brunch items including: eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, country potatoes, strawberry & cream cheese stuffed French toast, buttermilk pancakes, mini waffles, biscuits & sausage gravy, pastries, pasta, tilapia, baby back pork ribs, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, roasted veggies, chicken tenders just to name a few. ----- Assembly085 picked up the over head ,keeping the price low.

 The latest donation from Assembly 085 DONATION

Sorry for the bright picture,
Sister smiled and light up the room

The latest donation from Assembly 085
 a new stove top for a new convent on 9 th st.  LHC Lover of the Holy Cross

  Flag retirement ceremonies 2016

 Flag retirement ceremonies 2016



Assembly 085  4th July Parade 2016


The tail gate group, 
 if the marchers slow down, they run over us

The food ladies , with out them we starve

Assembly 085 Table Sponsorship Catholic Charities

Feb. 5 2016

A $ 2,000.00 table sponsorship by  Assembly 085,
each member made a donation to Catholic Charities.
Jim & Manvela Berlier, Sir Leo & Lady Becky  Tamondong, Sir James & Lady Van Heil, Bishop Vann,  Kim Tran.
Victor Sanchez,  Fr Monestreo,


Assembly 085 Charity Donations  2015


On behalf of Knights of Columbus; El Camino Real Assembly 85,
two wheelchairs were donated to the children's convalescent home
 in Westminster, California.
The wheelchairs were presented by
 SK Victor B. Sanchez and his son
 Dr. Michael A. Sanchez.

Hung Ngo
Jim Heil  PFN  - Comptroller
Elizabeth Thu Hai Pham -- Customer Relations Manager


Choose to give at Mary's Shelter

We have so much to be thankful for at Mary's Shelter.  Babies'  first Thanksgiving celebrations, turkey and football, a complete Thanksgiving feast, a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals, quality pre-natal care, parenting education, the ability to complete high school at Mary's Academy, learning independent living skills, making new friends and lots of support from people like you!  But, like the little guy says "Today's my first Thanksgiving, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Give me some Turkey and Football!"


Assembly 085 Christmas Party  2015

Thursday December 10
Assembly 085    50 year anniversary information     present by Roy Sapp P.F.N. & Don Smith P.F.N.



Faithful Navigator Jim Berlier Presents a $ 1,000.00
 check to Clete Menke of Mary's Shelter.
The funds are for an emergency repair to the food storage.
 Baby need good food.

The Back Drop is our 50 year anniversary information
 present by Roy Sapp P.F.N. & Don Smith P.F.N.

Roy Sapp P.F.N.
Don Smith P.F.N.

Clete Menke
Program Director

Jim Berlier F.N.
Jim Heil PFN. Comptroller
Ralph Gonzalez PFN
Memorial Mass Assembly 085
Thursday November 12

50 year anniversary Assembly 085




2015 Andy Beck moving to Utah



Assembly 085 2015 Exemplification



Assembly 085 Family Picnic June 27



Assembly 085 4 TH July Party  2015



Assembly 085 Officer Installation June 28 2015

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Assembly 085 Christmas Party  2014

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Assembly 085 pictures pri. 2015

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 March 8, 2012  Cape and Chapeau presentation for Long Vo           

Past Master
Frank Nigro 
Color Corp
Alvin De Cluir
 Our Chaplin  
Fr.  Janze
Long Vo
  Fr Quan     Southern Master
    Larry Campitiello
Faithful Navigator
Jim Heil

Chapeau and Cape Colors:

According to Article XII, Section 41:

The official regalia for Color Corps shall be a navy type chapeau, cape, service baldric and silver sword.
Vice Supreme Masters, Masters and former such officers only shall be permitted to bear the gold sword.

 The colors worn by Vice Supreme Masters, Masters and Faithful Navigators
may continue to be worn by such officers following their completion of service in that office.

The colors to be used with the capes and chapeaus of the Color Corps are as follows: 

Vice Supreme Master

  Blue Cape and Chapeau


  Gold Cape and Chapeau

Faithful Navigator

  White Cape and Chapeau

District Marshall

  Green Cape and Chapeau

Assembly Commander

  Purple Cape and Chapeau

Color Corps

  Red Cape and White Chapeau

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