Elected Officers, Duties, By Laws & Responsibilities

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El Camino Real 2016/2017

Officers Responsibilities:  Not covered in By-Laws.

Navigator & Comptroller:

  • Assembly Communication & Email List (send email for meetings & activities)
  • Exemplification Information Meeting
  • Exemplification Registration
  • Seating for Exemplification Dinner
  • All color Corp. call-outs --  is in the By-Laws


  • Assembly Bulletin
  • PFN Dinner
  • Memorial Mass
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Family Picnic
  • Officers Installation Dinner

Pilot:  ( Notify Councils responsible for business meeting dinner.)

  • Set up and take down tables and chairs for meeting.  Maintain jewels.
  • Flag Officer

Food and drinks for:

  • July 4th Parade
  • Memorial Mass
  • Exemplification Information Meeting
  • Exemplification Hospitality Suite
  • Family Picnic


  • Immediate Past Faithful Navigator and Membership Chairman
  • Exemplification Orientation Meeting Agenda
  • Exemplification Package for Councils
  • Prayer List (sick & distressed) Mass Cards


  • Set up and take down tables and chairs for meeting
  • Assist Pilot with food & drink for exemplification and events
  • Collect money for dinner and 50/50


  •       maintain all financial and membership records.

  •         collects and receives all moneys from all sources
    sends out dues notices.

  •         Order supplies for the assembly, officers, and members.
    He receives compensation.

  •         Responsible for exemplification forms including Form 4
     lunch and dinner tickets.


  •         responsible for safe keeping and maintaining records
     of all council funds and accounts.

  •    responsible for depositing money in the council’s accounts and provides a certificate of such monies to the Faithful Navigator.
    He receives compensation.


        responsible for maintaining a true record of all actions of the assembly and its correspondence.

Officers Dress Code:

  All Assembly Officers shall wear tuxedo and baldric to all regular meetings during the year except the months of June thru September.  The Navigator should wear dress shirt and tie for June thru September.  Dress code for Christmas Dinner is suit or sport coat.

 Officers Commitment: 

Moving thru the chairs is a SEVEN year commitment. 

First Year =   Pilot                 Second year =  Captain         Third Year =   Navigator
            Fourth Year =  Admiral         Fifth Year =  3 year Trustee     Sixth Year = 2 Year Trustee
Seventh Year = 1 Year Trustee 

Suspension of Members:  

Sir Knights who have not paid their dues for 16 months will be suspended by May 1 of each Columbian Year.  The Assembly Comptroller will notify the Grand Knights of the Councils in Orange County of any pending suspensions of Assembly members from their respective Councils.   

Color Corps: 

Article XII, Section 41:  The Faithful Navigator shall appoint a Commander of the Color Corps for his Assembly. One and only one Commander shall be appointed. The Color Corp Commander’s cape and chapeau will be furnished by the Assembly and shall remain the property of the Assembly at such time as the Commander is replaced.

 Color Corps Commander, Vice Color Corps Commanders and Navigator are responsible for the Color Corps Appreciation Dinner.  Dinner will be held during April or May or each year.  All assemblies are invited. 

Chalice Ceremony

The chalice ceremony shall be performed by the Assembly Memorial Committee.  The three members of the Memorial Committee shall be appointed by the Faithful Navigator and must be active members of the Assembly Color Corps Honor Guard.  Honor guards are members of the color corps who have mastered
 the manual of the sword. 

Honorary and Honorary Life Membership:

(a) Members who have attained the actual age of 65 years and who have been members of the Fourth Degree for 25 consecutive years, shall be designated as Honorary members and on due request in writing they shall be exempt from general fund charges, except payment of $10.00 per annum which shall include all assembly dues charges and levies.

(b) Members who have attained the actual age of 70 years and who have been members of the Fourth Degree for 25 consecutive years, and those who have been members the Fourth Degree 50 years regardless of age, shall be designated as Honorary Life members and on due request from the Faithful Comptroller, they shall be exempt from further payment of dues.

(c) The status of Honorary Life Membership which a priest or member of a religious community automatically acquires upon taking the First Degree of the Order shall ensure to such member upon his qualifying for and taking the Fourth Degree and such member shall be exempt from the payment of initiation fees and Assembly dues. 

Schedule for Orange County Fourth Degree Assemblies

Officer’s Installation




Santiago de Compostela-2305


El Camino Real – 85


St. Jude – 2375


Mission San Juan - 62


Santiago de Compostela-2305

Exemplification Hospitality Suite

 Exemplification – 2016


Santiago de Compostela - 2305


El Camino Real - 85

Exemplification – 2017


El Camino Real - 85


Santiago de Compostela - 2305

Exemplification – 2018


Santiago de Compostela - 2305


El Camino Real - 85